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Information about our Mobile Wood Fired Pizza and descriptions of our different pizzas.  

Mobile. Wood Fired. Pizza.



What you want is the best pizza straight out of the oven right where your party or event is. So in your driveway, by the lake, or at a farm wedding, why be restricted? We can set up our oven almost any place the party is and provide all the extras to set up a delicious pizza buffet.

No electricity needed!

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 Wood Fired.

Food always tastes better cooked by real wood fire.  At its hottest, our oven-on-wheels reaches temperatures of 900 degrees. What does this mean for your mouth? It means the crust gets bubbly, charred, and crunchy before the cheese even has a fighting chance to get rubbery. It means that after we  top it with quality, locally sourced ingredients, your pie takes only 90 seconds to bake. None of that "it'll be ready in 25 minutes" business.

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It's taken Tony a good four years to perfect his craft and he'll likely be working on it to his grave. But what four years of his experimentation has gotten us is that we know what's good -- a Neapolitan style pizza that's thin, airy, and bright. It's got a light, cheerful sauce of roma tomatoes and milky mozzarella. And that's just for starters! Our toppings are sourced locally whenever possible and placed with a careful hand, never too much and always enough.

Our Signature Pizzas


Our favorite white pizza, with pistachios, rosemary, red onions, garlic oil and fresh mozzarella

Sausage & Hot Giardiniera

Our special sausage with Chicago pickled peppers and mixed vegetables topped with fresh mozzarella

Horn of Plenty

Roasted local sweet peppers and onions on a red sauce, topped with mozzarella and parmesan

Kale & Sausage

Our own white pizza featuring local sausage, marinated kale, red onions and parmesan cheese

Pepperoni & Jalapeno

Spicy jalapeno and thick curly pepperoni, tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella


The classic with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil 

Ricotta & Greens

Ricotta cheese with tasty greens topped with fresh tomatoes, inspired by our family lasagna