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The story of how the Bova family started Forno Bova Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering company


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Tony’s Mom was the oldest of seven kids and was known for her family gatherings and hospitality. One of Tony’s favorite nights was pizza night. The homemade dough and toppings came fresh and hot from Mom’s home oven. Tony never forgot those nights and would often make pizza years later for family and friends. Really nothing beats the love and fresh taste of homemade pizza.  



Tony’s travels for his day job brought him to a number of great restaurants including several wood fired pizza restaurants and mobile pizza companies. Restaurants like: Wood Fired Pizza Tampa, where he learned about high heat for making pizza; Cane Rosso in Dallas, where he learned about fresh ingredients and what Neapolitan pizza was; and Red Oven in San Diego, where he learned from the owner about passion. These places opened Tony’s horizons to what great pizza could be.  Tony started to want to bring these experiences and tastes home to his family and community.

After finding the perfect mobile oven -- and lots and lots of practice -- Tony was able to make his own style of pizza, influenced by the flavors encountered in his travels and by our own locally available ingredients.

Tony’s family joined in his passion, with the bigger kids helping out in production, his smaller kids selling and serving, and his wife Ginger keeping things running smoothly.